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Winter Tyres…

November 13, 2013

If you want to chat about your winter tyre needs call me today on 0191 3757444.  By cutting out middle-men and third party internet companies I make sure nobody beats my Darcy’s prices !

Over the last few weeks we’ve sold a lot of winter tyres.  Durham and County Durham has a lot of hilly terrain and people have different reasons for wanting to stay on the move in the winter months.  I’ve been sourcing tyres from all over Europe and have been using lots of old contacts and some good old fashioned experience to source the most hard to get sizes and brands.  Recently Goodyear have put on a cash-back promotion which has got quite a few customers really strong deals, they’ve had up to £50 back in the form of a Tesco voucher.  Price-wise I don’t think we’ve yet lost any winter tyre sales and before the weather turns really cold the prices and availability remains pretty good.  When the bad weather arrives in either Europe or the UK the availability will disappear and the prices will rise really quickly.

With winter tyres about 50% of our customers have gone for sets of 2 tyres and around 50% sets of 4.  In general my view is that a set of 2 winters will work well on smaller front-wheel drive cars.  4 tyres works better on rear wheel drive cars, 4×4’s and performance models.  In the past I’ve had BMW’s which are rear wheel drive and just dreadful in the snow.

In terms of the winter brand to go for it really comes down to your budget.  I try and advise customers that all the winter tyres will deliver really well in snow and slush.  The factor to focus on is actually how they’ll perform in a British winter.  We get a lot of cold dry days and are obviously prone to wet weather too.  The better brands will perform better in our more normal wintery conditions, especially the dry and the wet.   I’ve recently supplied my Dad with a set of four and he went for Falken which is a mid-range option made in Japan.  I told him to push the boat out for a set of Goodyear UltraGrip 8 and give me the £50 Tesco cash-back voucher but he rejected the idea – Maybe next time !

Bryan say’s he’s getting bored of me chatting away for most of the day about winter tyres but  I have to say I’ve become a bit obsessed – I just can’t wait for the snow so we can all try them in the proper conditions…..