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Winter Approaching

October 24, 2018

Winter and All Season tyres

With the dark nights closing in and the weather likely to quickly worsen now is the time to act if you’re thinking of investing in either winter or all season tyres.  In the UK we tend to get a limited supply of this product and October and November is the best time for decent pricing and availability.  People often ask us what the key differences are between winter and all-season tyres and it broadly comes down to the following;

Winter tyres are able to maintain performance at very low temperatures due to their compound and aggressive tread patterns will also offer leading performance in ice and snowy conditions.  The compromise is that if you forget to remove them in the spring the tread will wear off very quickly.  I often remind customers that we get many wet winter days in the UK which some of the cheaper options are not greatly suited too.

All Season tyres area a more balanced option that will provide good grip in the  snow and ice, good wet performance and the added bonus is that you can leave them on year round if you wish.  They are also likely to be quieter than winter tyres.

Both options have proved equally popular so far this year.  The Michelin Cross Climate product has really brought the all season option to the attention of the public and these really are a great option (they are quite expensive mind).  We do currently have a Michelin cash-back promotion running meaning you get up to £100 back on your purchase which has also proved popular.

If you are interested in either type of tyre give us a call on 3757444

Free Winter Checks

Winter is approaching quickly and its time to think about key elements around your vehicle to keep you safe.  Its the most demanding time of year for vehicles and its a known fact that the number of breakdowns increases.  With our free winter check we can carry out a quick visual check on the following components;

  • Lights
  • Wipers and Washer Fluid Levels
  • Tyres depths, general condition and pressures
  • Brakes
  • Batteries (on request)

If you have any specific worries we are also happy to check these at your request.  W carry out our free winter checks between 3pm and 5pm on weekdays and ask that you phone in advance to arrange a booking.