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The best tyres for you…

September 26, 2013

Lots of people phone Darcy’s now asking for part-worn or cheap tyres.  In these times of austerity many people are managing money carefully and working within a budget, which is understandable.

With regards part-worn tyres we don’t sell them.  I could sell them if I wanted but it goes against my philosophy of providing our customers with quality products.  I know some decent part-worn tyre dealers who take time and care to check the tyres they sell, but for every decent part-worn tyre available there are half a dozen really bad ones.  I ask customers the question “why would anybody get rid of a tyre if it’s a good tyre”?  Some reply with things like “they’re from Germany” or “It’s from a car that was in an accident”.  OK so Germans get rid of good tyres…?  I doubt it.  And in an accident, come on?

Many of the cheapest tyres on offer are manufactured in China.  Most of the budget tyres will not perform well and the quality level is not great.  Often these products have really aggressive directional tread patterns and will wear badly.

If a customers budget allows I will always recommend going to a tyre that’s the next level above the Chinese budget brands.  For maybe £5 or £10 more money the product is way superior in terms of build quality, performance, wear and grip.  We currently stock the Matador range that is very cost effective and also made in Europe.    The Matador brand is now owned by Continental Tire meaning that the build quality has the influence of a premium brand tyre company.  Have a look at the factory location in Slovakia, http://www.continental-corporation.com/www/hr_sk_en/themes/conti_locations_text_en.html

Around and slightly above the Matador level come some of the better brands from the Far-East including Falken, Kumho and Hankook.  Hankook in particular are now making some very good products but expect the price to be pushing toward premium brand level.

In the premium brand area my recommendation will often depend on what car your driving, how many miles you’re doing and what characteristics you’re looking for with your tyres.  Some people want performance, others want longevity.  For me at the moment I like the new Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance product a lot, its well made and a really good all round choice.  It top scores in Wet Grip, Fuel Economy and Noise ratings and the prices are pretty sensible.  Mind you my colleague Bryan always insists Michelin are still the best…and come to think of it he’s probably right.  The only problem is they come at a serious cost. Remember the old saying though – you get what you pay for!

I’ll finish this post by saying that I’m always happy to talk with people about the various options available and give genuine advice.  I hardly make any more money on a £250 Michelin than a £40 economy tyre so you can genuinely trust that whatever you go for I’ll be giving you impartial and honest advice.