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January 8, 2014

At this time of year we find many people are looking to get things sorted for the year ahead.  Some of us its time for a bit of dieting or more exercise, join the gym, all the usual resolutions – many of them broken after a few weeks.  What we also see is a big increase in people calling us looking for service and MOT on their cars, I’m guessing that this is as they look to organise themselves for the forthcoming year.  With this in mind we’ve put on a number of special offers on various service and MOT options during January and February.

When it comes to servicing your vehicle every car is a little different and has a slightly different set of requirements.  We have a database that picks up all the manufacturer recommended items rather than carrying out a standard menu based service.  By carrying out a specific service it makes sure the correct parts are replaced at correct milage or timescale.

Longer Intervals – Over the last 10 years vehicle manufacturers have been moving toward longer intervals with certain more expensive items.  Often now we see that Premium Spark Plugs on petrol engines are only to be changed every 3 years or possibly even longer intervals, this is a great idea but the problems begins to occur when they are not changed.

Fuel Filters – Changing a fuel filters on a diesel vehicle at the recommended interval is especially important.  Recently there has been a marked increase in the number of vehicles with major running problems or breakdown due to not changing this component.  Often to change a fuel filter you will expect to pay anything from £40 – £80 depending on your vehicle make and model.

This is an extract from an article in the Telegraph in December and there has also been coverage on this issue on Radio 2, it relates to fuel problems and fuel filter problems.

“…experts believe rising biodiesel concentrations could be behind a growing number of breakdowns caused by a build-up of a thick gel in vehicles’ engines. Breakdown services last month saw a sudden uptick in call-outs from drivers whose engine filters have become blocked by the substance after the arrival of winter weather. RAC teams attended 600 such incidents last month, suggesting that thousands of Britain’s 9.4 million drivers of diesel vehicles could be affected this winter. The 600 call-outs for the RAC last month are more than double the 280 blocked diesel fuel filters they attended in November 2012. There were 2,080 cases attended by RAC staff last winter, suggesting that the total figure including non-RAC members could have been as high as 8,650.

If the increase seen in November is maintained until March, some 18,500 people in Britain could experience the same problem this winter.

Only diesel engines are affected, with the greatest number of problems being experienced in the north east, but the fault can occur in vehicles of any age or manufacturer, and with fuel bought from any retailer.”

Looking after your vehicle through regular interval servicing can often reduce the cost of maintenance over the longer term as items are serviced that in other circumstances may be left to fail.  Often when a part does fail it has a knock on effect and creates a greater cost.

Our servicing special offers make servicing your vehicle affordable and hopefully help reduce the overall costs of your motoring over the course of 2014,