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Servicing with genuine parts and lubrication

July 7, 2014


My background is from a family business that started out small and grew bigger through hard work, good decision making and above all customer focus.

It sounds simple but I believe in trying to understand a customers needs and meeting them in a way that best suits them.  This process isn’t a universal approach, it’s about understanding the customer, their budget and their motoring needs.  Some people want to spend a minimal amount on their vehicle and minimise costs.  Some want reliability and safety with working within an affordable budget, some customers want the best for their vehicle.

When it comes to servicing we will recommend and fit original parts on newer vehicles.  Original vs. aftermarket parts is an interesting point of debate.  Many of the premium parts manufacturers make the original parts for vehicles so there are certainly good aftermarket products available.  With newer cars we will often recommend and offer the original filtration parts.  This really is to give the customer real piece of mind that the work they’re having done is exactly equal to that carried out at the main dealer.  Price-wise fitting the original filters normally adds around £20 – £30 to the price of the service and approximately £20 additional cost if a vehicle needs a specialist oil.

Personally I’ve serviced my own vehicles with both genuine and leading aftermarket parts.  We’ve been very satisfied with the Petronas Oil which we’ve used from Day One opening at the garage and it’s first fill product for many vehicle manufacturers including Mercedes.  This oil has gone in all my own vehicles and that of my family and friends.  We’ll make very specific oil recommendations to drivers of newer vehicles and there have been instances where we’ve insisted on putting in a very specific grade because it simply would not be right to compromise on grade.

The best advice I can give to people when it comes to genuine parts servicing is to call in at the garage or phone myself or Bryan, discuss your needs with us and we’ll work out an option that works for you…