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Open for 6 months…..some nice things that happened

August 17, 2013

After being open for nearly 6 months it was time for us all to take a holiday…don’t worry we aren’t all going at once.  I’ve been to Spain (I am now back at the garage) and the other guys are all off various places too.  While I was away I was thinking of some nice things that have happened over the first six months….

We’re really delighted with the response we continue to get at the garage and have had some really wonderful customers come to the garage.  When things are getting tense and stressful its always the customers that have the capacity to cheer us up !  Like all retail businesses we’ve had some customer challenges too (not to many I have to say) and I always try to deal with these objectively and fairly.

Some of the nice things that have happened in the first six months;

– We have a really good team spirit within the garage.  You never know how people are going to gel but the team has been fantastic since the day we opened.  All the guys are very customer focussed and motivated to help and give a great service.

– It’s always really nice when someone brings their own car and then recommends us to a family member.  This has happened lots.

– We’ve actually had customers in tears (of joy) when they’re so pleased at the work we’ve done.

– We had two new staff members start, Craig and Karen.  Craig is an MOT tester and Technician and Karen works with me on the reception.

– Our suppliers have been great.  Especially the guys at EuroCarParts who often go out of their way to help us.

– We’ve developed good relationships with our neighbours.  I think when your a business working within a local community this is absolutely essential.

– I feel like we have a really broad appeal which is really important to me, our customers span age, sex, religion, background, education and car type.  Everyone gets looked after, everyone gets a good deal.

– We get lots of food brought in….! One lady baked us a Mary Berry chocolate cake, it was gorgeous. One customer baked us a cheesecake – Bryan was eating it at 9.00am (nuts).  This week a customer brought in some fresh courgettes from his garden.  Another brought us ice-creams.  There are lots more examples – we’re probably all getting fatter.

– Both my Grandma’s have been to visit the garage.  My Grandma Netta opened a garage with my grandad over 40 years ago in East Cleveland and I have to say it made me so proud when she visited and give us the seal of approval !

It’s been really hard work so far but we hope to keep growing the business, moving forward and offering really good customer service and very fair prices.

Hopefully by now you know there’ll be more posts too…