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Luigi (the courtesy car) visits the home of golf

February 17, 2013

This weekend Luigi the courtesy car was taken on a longer drive North to St Andrews in Scotland.  Luigi is a Fiat 500 that’s branded in the ‘Darcy’s of Durham’ logo and colours and often seen in and around both Durham and Newcastle.  Luigi is made available for Darcy’s customers free of charge where your vehicle is in for work taking over half a day.  It’s quite fun to drive around and especially loved by kids aged 3-10 !  (some big kids also like it too).

Before Luigi’s Scottish adventure I carried out the following 10 minutes worth of ‘Quick-Checks’ (we’ll gladly do these for our customers for free).  I’d recommend these as a minimum before any long journey;

  1. Fuel – This is easy just fill up
  2. Oil – takes 2 minutes
  3. Washer Fluid
  4. Tyre pressures / tread wear (just double check the pressures are at the recommended pressures for being fully laden)
  5. Exterior visual check (lights tyres etc.)

These few checks will give you a little peace of mind before the start of a longer journey.  We also loaded up with Starbucks coffee in our special ‘keep warm’ flasks but I was told off for not adding enough sugar to Laura’s coffee !

The journey to St Andrews took us from Newcastle along the A68 to Jedburgh.  This was a lovely stretch of road at 4pm on a sunny but cold Friday with the colours of the landscape all different yellows and browns.   With a 950cc engine and pretty fully loaded with luggage, some supplies and golf clubs I never anticipated that we’d be making a quick journey so chose the scenic shorter route over the ‘potentially’ quicker A1.  In fairness between Newcastle and Jedburgh we had very little interaction with any other traffic and tootled along at a steady 60mph.

As we passed through Jedburgh and into the Borders I had it in my head that we’d be on the Edinburgh ring road in no time, in reality I was wrong and it was another hour whilst getting busier and dark.  The thing I find  with the low-power super-economical Fiat 500 is that it’s great in towns and for short daytime journeys but not so good going longer distances or in the dark (or both).    By the time we got to the Forth Road Bridge my butt was getting sore on one side as Luigi has a fairly standard flat seat.  A bit like sitting on a cushioned kitchen chair for 2 1/2 hours.

The last leg of the journey was across Fife and to St Andrews.  At this stage we were on smaller roads in the dark, Luigi’s least favourite.  Eventually after 3 & a 1/4 hours we arrived via a pitted farm track (Luigi doesn’t mind these) and quickly devoured crisps, beers and cups of tea in an effort to replenish our depleted reserves.  (Me and Laura not Luigi).

It had taken about £25’s worth of fuel to get here and was a little un-comfy toward the end of the journey.  From where we’re staying Luigi enjoys the 2 mile shuttle in and out of town and was especially proud to get me and my dad to the Old Course first tee yesterday morning !

All in all i think Luigi’s enjoyed the trip but is looking forward to getting home, me opening the garage and being available free of charge for our customers to enjoy !