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Get ready for changing conditions

October 14, 2015

At this time of year we really think car maintenance is especially important.  There are a few factors that support my view on this;

  1. The roads are busier than the summer months.  Not many people are on holiday or out of the country, the roads too and from work are very busy and journeys take longer.  Personally I travel down to Durham from Newcastle every day and in the Autumn / Winter months I see my journey time stretch by about 10 minutes due to the extra traffic.  This means we are on the brakes more, in queues more and tend to get a bit more stressed with our regular journeys.
  2. More journeys at this time of year take place in the dark.  Its getting darker on mornings and evenings and this makes the drive to and from work more challenging again.  When did you last check your lights ?  Have you had the headlight alignment checked lately ?  Give your car a wash regularly, it really all helps.
  3. Weather conditions are worsening.  More rain, colder weather, foggy conditions are all part of the onset of our winter driving.  Even the low sun on a morning can be very hazardous.  Visibility and wipers are especially important in the Autumn months as are tyres and brakes.

These are my top 5 quick tips that can make a difference;

  1. Check your tyre pressures and tread.
  2. Check your wipers by squirting the screen – are they clearing efficiently
  3. Ensure your screen wash is topped up
  4. Turn your radio and phone off if conditions are bad.  Extra concentration is a big factor
  5. Get a brake check.  This is probably best done by a reliable independent garage and only needs to take 5 minutes.

Really this time of year is when you should invest a little in your car and get the best performance and safety through the winter months.  This really isn’t a sales pitch or a brainwashing exercise it just makes sense to keep on top of things.

All customers of ours are welcome to have the above items done free of charge any day.