Pit Lane, Durham, DH1 5HH

Tel: 0191 3757444

Finally we opened…

April 9, 2013

We’ve been open for business now for a couple of weeks and have to say we’ve been really pleased with the response from people within the local area.  I’ve said before that we really want the success of the garage to come from being a trusted part of the local community, offering good service at fair prices and it feels like we’ve made a really good start.

We’ve also had some nice feedback on the look of the new garage, residents seem pleased that money has been invested on the improvements, although a couple of customers were disappointed as they thought it was going to be a fancy Pizza joint !

Now Open

What we’ve found in our first few weeks is that people are really supportive of the new garage and understanding when we have moments where we’re maybe been missing a tool or a piece of equipment hasn’t worked.  These little hic-ups have now been all but  eradicated as we are finally 100% operational.

The special ‘Opening Offers’ on Servicing, MOT’s and tyres have all gone down well.  The servicing especially has been really popular with lots of people taking advantage of the 20% off.  I think everyone in Durham knows that we use Petronas oil in all our services – me and Bryan never tire of telling people.

With the tyres it seems like a slightly slower burner with lots of people now shopping for them online.  We’ll keep banging the drum about matching online prices as already we’ve had quite a few people get prices then come back a few days later after shopping around.

I’ll get some more photo’s taken in the next couple of weeks as more things get finished and once again thanks to all our customers and suppliers for all your support….

Ben Darcy