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Driving in the snow

January 20, 2013

Driving in the snow. Love it or Hate it.

It seems like every winter in recent years we’ve had some snow.  When we had the big bad winter 3 years ago I was working for a really large wholesaler of tyres and our sales of tyres went absolutely crazy.  I think at that moment the public realised that tougher winters in the UK were a reality and thousands of people invested in snow (or winter) tyres.  Lots also didn’t but people had to adapt to driving on snowy and slushy roads as a more regular event.  For some reasons snowy conditions tend to split drivers in in two categories, you either love it or hate it.

Snowy driving

That brings me to the snow loving drivers;

  1. 4×4 owners who feel like it gives them chance to put their cars to the test a bit.
  2. The petrol heads who like messing around in their cars in all conditions
  3. The secret society of wanabee rally drivers – normal people who you wouldn’t expect to pull a handbrake turn or do a donut but do when it snows BUT DO !.  It could be you or your neighbour

Fair enough to the snow lovers I say.  Be careful, don’t intimidate other drivers and keep things sensible.

The snow haters and worriers.  I know a few of these.  The minute they see snow they panic and think they’re going to get stuck or crash.  They’re often so nervous they crawl along everywhere at 10mph.  I’ve studied the snow hating drivers and have identified 3 things

  1. You can always spot them by how they’re sat when driving.  They press there face against the windscreen, like it might help them to see better…?
  2. They park really badly.  Car abandonment in the wierdest places normally equals snow hater.
  3. They dress like they’re going to get stuck for 3 weeks but don’t scrape the windscreen !

Hopefully the nervous and worried people who don’t like snowy conditions keep things steady and remain safe.

I’ll finish with 3 tips for all drivers in the snow;

  1. Clear and warm your car before you start.  Preparation is essential.  Washer fluid..? Fuel..? Tyres OK..?  Eliminate these worries and you’ll be better equipped.
  2. Go steady, especially on the little estate roads, and concentrate right until you’re home.  These are often the worst.  I’ve heard many stories of people driving 100 miles in horrendous conditions then crashing into their own wall or gate post !
  3. Concentrate.  No phoning, texting, facebooking, tweeting or BBMing in tough conditions.  I’d even say knock the music off.

I think if I’m honest with myself i’m a secret snow lover, especially in the right car !