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Doing the job right & posh fish & chips

February 28, 2013

Last night we had our first team meeting.

All five team members were in attendance and we went to the Mill House pub for fish and chips and a glass of coke.  All of us had fish and chips.  The fish wasn’t battered and was in a funny type of breadcrumb topping.  I think the lads were probably all a bit disappointed it wasn’t batter but they all were appreciative of the get-together and chance to chat.  It was good for everyone to meet as we’re now around 2 weeks from opening properly.

A lot of the discussion last night was about our commitment to looking after customers and really standing out from other garages.  There really is a commitment and excitement about the garage and we will do things differently in order to do the job right.  Some of the things we talked about;

Oil – All the guys put premium oil in their own cars.  We’d like to do this for customers too.  Of course we’ll offer a cheaper alternative but our first recommendation is a good oil.  Steve Davison (Head Mechanic) has been working 10 years for Audi and was saying he’s seen quite a few problems with cars that have used cheap or wrong oils.

Cleanliness – All the guys agree that this will be an area we stand out.  Each person responsible for a working area.  Keeping all the new machinery clean and well maintained is essential.   Also we’re about to have a special coating put on the workshop floor to keep it very clean, it will be up to us once we’re open to also keep it clear of waste.  Floor Mats and Seat Covers are a definite and Steve recommended we use wing protectors which is something we’re now looking into.

Servicing wash and vac – We plan to offer customers a complimentary car wash and vac with all servicing.  This is something the main dealers do but very few independents.

There were lots of other things up for discussion but i’ll save some more comments for later…

By the end of our meeting we reckoned we’ll have the place so clean and tidy you could eat your fish and chips off the floor…..