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June 24, 2013

I decided it was time to write about the ‘Darcy Deal’ and Cheap Tyres Durham

We’ve now been open 3 months and sold a lot of tyres.  The lads now call my tyre prices a ‘Darcy Deal’ !  Its because we’re no1 for cheap tyres durham.  I scour the market for the best deals and also ensure the economy tyres we buy are of a good standard.  In fairness at no point since we opened has anyone said my tyre prices were too expensive.  We strive to be the cheapest in the County and genuinely believe we’re making our customers significant savings on a daily basis.

I think because we operate from modern clean premises with professional staff and new equipment theres a fear with some customers that we might be expensive.  This really couldn’t be further from the truth.  Customers that have used us will vouch that we’re really the first choice for cheap tyres Durham.

Some customers talk about the internet but I’ll beat internet prices.  For cheap tyres durham we’re ahead of the internet.  In some cases I find the internet is now expensive.

Others mention part-worn tyres.  Come on…forget about these please.  They’re someone else’s junk.  Budget new tyres are about as cheap and you get 8mm of tread.  We just think part-worns aren’t value for money.

Cheap….cheap….cheap…thats where we are for tyres.  I’ll beat any price if I’m not already ahead of it.  I buy lots of my product direct from manufacturers and cut out the £10 a tyre the wholesaler likes to make….

Get yourself on the blower 0191 3757444 and get yourself a ‘Darcy Deal’ on your tyres in Durham !  Or e-mail me via the form on the tyres page…

Cheap tyres from state of the art premises

Cheap tyres durham from state of the art premises