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Having a baby and writing posts

Many of the garage customers know that in July the wonderful and lively baby Dillon Ray Darcy arrived into our world !.  Having a baby makes it difficult to do lots of things, and writing about the garage is definitly one of them !  He’s now 9 weeks old, smiling and doing lots of other good...




Open for 6 months…..some nice things that happened

After being open for nearly 6 months it was time for us all to take a holiday…don’t worry we aren’t all going at once.  I’ve been to Spain (I am now back at the garage) and the other guys are all off various places too.  While I was away I was thinking of some nice...




Tyre Labelling

For a while now I’ve been thinking about writing about tyre labelling, the new tyre labels took take effect from 1 November 2012 under European Regulation (EC) No. 1222/2009.  They are designed to help consumers make more informed choices about their tyre purchases.   When you see them they’re very similar in principal to electrical...




Todays news…..tomorrows fish and chips !

This was a recent article in the Northern Echo and Journal. http://www.nebusiness.co.uk/business-news/latest-business-news/2013/05/16/ben-darcy-launches-darcy-s-of-durham-vehicle-repair-business-51140-33338916/My dad found it very amusing – He said last night that as far as he could remember I was only good for dismantling the wheels of the Scalextric cars and not so good at putting them back together….




A full month and lots of pleased customers

We’ve now been open a full month and it’s given us time to get properly settled in.  Already we’ve got some ‘regular’ customers who’ve been in to see us more than once.  This is more a collection of my thoughts than a blog post but I promise its all true.. Next time I write a...




Finally we opened…

We’ve been open for business now for a couple of weeks and have to say we’ve been really pleased with the response from people within the local area.  I’ve said before that we really want the success of the garage to come from being a trusted part of the local community, offering good service at...