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£5 off all our tyres and some tyre ramblings

January 31, 2014

My tyres really are always cheap, but sometimes people are strapped for cash and I just try to make them even cheaper.  It’s that time of year.  So I’ve taken a fiver off all the tyres in February !  I can do this because its my garage and I want too !

Lot’s of our customers already say we’re very good value on all products but especially for tyres.  People now travel to us from all over.  We have a few cult followings coming in from different areas.  I love this type of thing.  It’s one of the reasons I started on my own.  It’s special to think that someone would drive a decent distance in order to buy something they could’ve purchased way closer to home.  Says something about both our prices and service and makes me feel proud.

Bryan (who works with me) makes me laugh.  I’m classed as a fitting centre for Blackcircles and they send us customers who need tyres fitting. Bryan hates the internet and when people buy online.  He’ll grumble “they shoud’ve come direct to us – would’ve saved £20”  He normally throws is a few swearwords too…!  He’s probably right but I’m calmer and tell him to chill out, smile, fit the tyres and give the customer what they want !  Hopefully if we do a good job they’ll come direct to us in future I say.

I pride myself on giving customers good advice with the tyres so I always feel they leave with something that suits there requirements.  I run a fair bit in my spare time and when I’m spending a chunk of money on new trainers I always like to go to the shop and talk with the guys.  Most of them are runners.  I feel like they have a passion for their product.  Often at somewhere like StartFitness in Newcastle they are local guys from the scene working there.  I feel good that I’m supporting something a bit local and not a bit groaning corporate but thats just my thing.  I might right about some of the things we see and here from the “big companies” but I might get in trouble so we’ll wait and see on that front….

In the meantime good tyre-ing and happy running and browsing…


Bought these in America...maybe the advice was bad !

Bought these in America…maybe the advice was bad !