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4 years and a big thank you via a seldom updated blog post….

February 2, 2017

Here we go again, another year already !

2016 seemed to go incredibly quickly and then all of a sudden xmas is also here and gone and we’re off into a new year.  I don’t update this as often as I should, life and work normally get in the way which I know is a poor excuse.  Its strange to sit and write it as often I think “who reads this ?”, “does anyone really want to know whats going on at Darcys Garage ?”

The garage is nicely consistently busy nowadays and I’m really very appreciative to all our customers, especially the many of you that have been supporting us since we opened in 2013.  Its officially 4 years in March and the time feels like its gone very quickly.  I hope to think we’ve built some really strong relationships with our customers as this is really what I wanted to achieve when I opened my own business.  I had a view that if we were able to look after people with good quality work at a fair price we would thrive, keeping costs down, not carrying out unnecessary work and not a culture that was driven by sales.

Over the last four years we’ve faced some challenges but when I think about what we’ve achieved I’m proud of the business and the team.  There are now 9 of us working at the garage and 6 of us have been there from when we opened and Kevin joined us after around a year, meaning we have a very consistent core of employees.  Getting this bigh quality level in the team is obviously essential as these are the guys working on your cars.  I try to get the best staff available and once we get good people its my job to ensure we retain and keep them.  Many of you know the team by name and hopefully recognise that we have a high level of ability in the garage.

Young Nathaniel is our apprentice having joined us in September last year.  He was recommended to me by someone else with a garage in Chester Le Street and so far is doing well.  Since we opened we’ve been strong supporters of the appenticeship scheme and like to give opportunities to youngsters from the local area and send them to New College for there day release.  Its always especially encouraging when we get a youngster such as Nathaniel who’s both interested and committed to developing himself and his skills.

We have our 20% servicing special running at the minute and have maintained our service prices from last year despite some increases coming through from our suppliers.  We continue to use PETRONAS oil in all the cars we service, since we began using them 4 years ago we’ve been delighted with their product quality.  We also have a strong belief in using better quality parts and lubrication on all our servicing and repairs as this improves performance and minimises and problems returning.

We’ve also recently invested in some new tyre technology which helps fix problems with the new sensor valves and monitoring systems.  New cars continue to get more advanced and complicated and its a constant effort to stay up to date with the latest technology and changes.  The new valves which monitor for punctures and then bring up warnings on the dash are a good idea but often have corrosion problems after a couple of years.  Old traditional rubber valves would be replaced as a matter of course with each tyre change.  So the new equipment will help fix and replace any of the newer valves that have problems which we are seeing more regularly.

Like I think and say to myself each time I update this blog I’ll surely do it sooner next time,